PROPHET MOHAMMAD(PBUH) as a human being.



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Bibi khatija's comments. After the first meeting with Gabriel the Holy Prophet was bewildered. Bibi Khatija,  the first and beloved wife comforted Him by saying' no never, your Lord will never let you down, you are kind to every one share the load of debt ridden people, assist the poor, take care of your guests, support the truthful and help the people in trouble'. 

Bibi ayesha's comments. Bibi ayesha the most beloved wife said 'the Holy Prophet(PBUH) never abused any one, never returned a bad turn with a bad turn rather forgave the person, if given a chance to choose between two paths, He choose the easier one unless it was a sin, never took a personal revenge but harbored vendetta against anyone who disobeyed ALLAH. Never abused anyone by name, never harmed any slave, woman or animal by hand, never rejected anyone request unless it was inappropriate, always came home smiling, never stretched out His legs in the company of friends and talked slowly and clearly'.

Hazrat Ali opinion.Hazrat Ali was a cousin and son in law of the prophet. He spent 23 years with him. He told his son imam hussain that 'the Holy Prophet was ever smiling, soft natured and nice never rigid or narrow minded never made fuss of small things, never uttered bad words, never picked up on others mistakes, if He was requested for something He did not like He kept quite and did not flatly say no, never argued or talked about any thing un necessarily, never interfered into something which does not concern Him, never abused anyone, never chased anyone's short comings, never inquired into anyone's personal matters, and always talked about useful things with positive outcome. When He used to talk His companions were all ears. When ever some one else talked He listened attentively, when there was some thing  to laugh He smiled, when others were surprised He was astonished. If some one was outspoken He was forbearing. He never liked being praised but accepted thanks with an open heart. he never interrupted anyone while talking, was very generous,  upright, soft natured and a pleasant company. Anyone who met Him got impressed and gradually started liking Him'.


 He was know as SADIQ(truthful) and AMIN(custodian) by His worst enemies. When ever anyone had to leave Mekka he would leave his precious belonging with the Prophet(pbuh).

One day the Prophet was passing by a meat shop. He thought of buying some meat for His family in exchange for a bag of dates. When He reached home he found that the dates have been eaten by the family. The meat man raised a hue and cry against the Ruler of the Islamic empire. The companions of the Prophet(Pbuh) tried to stop him but the Prophet(pbuh) told them that the meat man is entitled to do so. The man was reimbursed with dates and went back happy.

There was a businessman named Saib in Arabia. He came to the Holy Prophet(PBUH) one day Other people introduced him a big businessman . Holy Prophet said I know him more than you do Saib replied. You are move precious to me than my parents. I have been your partner in business. You have always been very fair in business transactions'.

JUSTICE:- A lady from the family makhzon was caught stealing. Since She was from a respectable family they wanted that she should not be punished. Osama bin Zaid was very close to the Prophet (PBUH). He made a special request for letting her go. The Prophet (PBUH) became furious and refused to let her go.

Even the non muslims used to come to the Prophet (PBUH) for justice. Before Islam the tribes Banu Nuzair and Banu Qureza had a special arrangement . If a qurezi resident killed a Nuzeri the revenge was to kill the Qurezi. If a Nuzeri killed a Qurezi the compensation was hundred camels laden with dates.When the Prophet (PBUH) took over Madina, Qurezi appealed to  the Prophet(PBUH) for settling this unjust arrangement. Since both were jews the decision was made by the Prophet (PBUP) according to their Holy Book Torah and equality of justice was established.

Bu Hardar was one of the companion of the prophet (PBUH)  He was in debt of a jew. The Jew got hold of him and brought him to the Prophet (PBUH) . The Prophet told Abu Hardar to pay back the debt. But he said I have nothing with me except my clothes. Finally he had to sundered half of his clothes to the Jew to settle the debt but, the prophet (PBUH) did not favour his companion rather sided the Jew since he was right.

GENEROSITY. The Prophet (PBUH) never said no to any request.

Once the Prophet (PBUH) told Abuzar that if I had gold equal to the mountain of Ehud I would not like to keep it with me ( and not distribute it among the poor) for more then three nights, except if I have to settle any debt.

 Once the ruler of Fidk sent a gift of four camels laden with wheat. Bilal his beloved slave sold the camels and settled the Prophet's (PBUH) debts. Prophet (PBUH) asked Bilal if some money is left. He said 'yes'. 'Give it away to some needy as I will not go home before that,' said  the Prophet (PBUH).

SACRIFICE: Bibi Fatima was the beloved daughter.When she used to come to him He would stand up,kiss her on the forehead and let her sit at his place. Still the daughter of the ruler of the Islamic empire used to grind her own wheat, bring water from the well in a leather bag on her shoulders. Once she requested for a maid who came as ransoms from a war, but He refused.

Once a women presented Him a shawl. He accepted it. A man  in the gathering praised the shawl. The Holy Prophet immediately gave it to him. The companions later criticized him that the Holy Prophet was in need of a shawl that is why be accepted it. You should not have asked the Holy Prophet for the shawl as you know he is so generous . The man said I have taken it for the sake of making it my coffin.

A man of Banu Nuzair gifted the Holy Prophet seven date palm farms. He gave away all these farms in the name of Allah.

HOSPITALITY: One day a Ghafari was a guest. The only thing at His home to eat was a glass of milk. The guest was given the glass of milk and the family of the ruler of  the Islamic empire slept without any food.

CAPACITY BUILDING: The Holy Prophet did not like begging. A man came to him one day and requested for help. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) asked him 'do you have any thing at home'. I have a mattress and a bowl.' Go bring them' He said.The two articles were sold for I dirham. 'Now buy some food for the family and a rope. Go out of the city collect wood and sell it is the market'. A fort night later he come back and had ten dirham with him with which he purchased some clothes and wheat.

BEGGING: The Holy prophet was distributing some alms at Hujatul wida.Two hefty men joined the queue. The Holy Prophet told them 'I can give you some money from charity but this money is not for healthy young men'.

A man Qabisa come to  the Holy Prophet he was in debt. He come to ask for some money. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) addressed Qabisa and the whole nation. 'Only three people are entitled to ask for monetary help; one who is in doubt till the debt is settled. Secondly a person whose wealth has been destroyed by some calamity of nature, till he is back on his feet. Thirdly a person who is starving  and three people from the neighborhood testify to that. Besides that any one whose begs is eating filth'.


NOT ACCEPTING FAVOURS: Abu Baker was a dear friend who gifted a camel to the Holy Prophet(PBUH). But the Holy prophet refused and paid for it.

The owner of the land for construction of Prophet's mosque in Medina offered to give it for free. The Holy Prophet paid the cost of the land.

KINDNESS AND NON VIOLENCE. A lady from the ghamid tribe came to Holy Prophet and admitted of committing adultery.' Go back' said the Holy Prophet(PBUH). She came again next day and told Him 'I am pregnant and I feel guilty please punish me. 'Go back' He said . She come again the third day. He told her  'wait till delivery she come back after delivery and asked for punishment. 'Go feed the baby for two years', he said.  She came back again after two years and asked for punishment so finally she was punished.

Maaza Salma was a man who committed adultery. He came to the mosque and admitted his crime and requested for punishment. The Holy Prophet turned his face toward the other side. But he insisted again and again. The Holy Prophet asked 'are you out of your mind', he replied 'no'. Holy Prophet asked you might have only touched her. He said no, 'I did it.', so the Holy Prophet finally ordered punishment.

The prisoners of war in various wars were not tortured or beheaded. They  were released after they would pay ransom or teach one person to read and write. Even the spies were not tortured.

BALANCED PERSONALITY. One day the companions of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) came to his house and asked  about Holy Prophet's routine from the family. The companions thought he would be fasting every day and praying the whole night. They found that His routine was not so rigid. But they consulted one another and said that he is the beloved  Holy Prophet(PBUH) of  ALLAH and we are not even near Him. So one of them said,' Now I will fast all day and pray all night'. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) over heard their conversation and said, 'I am more afraid of Allah then you are, but I fast and I  break the fast, I pray and I sleep, I also marry women'.

DISLIKE FOR WEALTH . The Holy Prophet did not like the worldly things. He preferred the heavenly rewards. The emperor of the Islamic empire lived from hand to mouth, intentionally.

The Holy Prophet(PBUH) once said,' It is enough to have a bedding for you your wife and a guest only'.

Once some one sent Him a silken robe. Holy Prophet(PBUH) put it on. Then took it off and gifted it to Umer.Umer came back crying 'Oh my Prophet (PBUP)when you do not like to wear this silken robe being the ruler of the Muslim empire why did you sent it to me?'. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) said 'it was sent to you for selling it'.Umer sold it for two thousand dirham.

Once he saw Bibi Fatima the beloved daughter wearing a golden necklace. He commented,'Fatima would you like people saying that the Prophets daughter is wearing a necklace of fire'.

Once Holy Prophet(PBUH) saw Bibi Ayesha wearing bangles of gold. The Holy prophet was displeased.

His bed was of blanket or leather laid down in two layers. One day when he got up people saw that the bedding has left creases on his soft skin. His companions wanted to bring a soft mattress for Him. The Holy Prophet commented 'I have no interest in this world. This world is a temporary place,  I am here just like a way farer who has stopped to take rest under a tree and then leaves after a short time'.


The Holy Prophet said ,'you have one God, one father, you are the sons of Adam and he was made of mud. Noble amoungst you is the one who is pious.'

Salman and Bilal were slaves of the  Holy Prophet(PBUH). They were standing with  Abu Bakar when Abu Sufyan  an enemy of the Islam and a Chief of Quresh tribe passed bye. Salman and Bilal said that this man has yet to be subdued. Abu Bakar snubbed them for passing such comments for the Quresh Chief. Abu Bakar come to the Holy Prophet and told him about these slaves passing comments about the Chief. Holy prophet got angry and told Abu Bakar to  apologise to Salman and Bilal.

Holy Prophet(PBUH) always shared doing work with companions.When the prophet's mosque was being constructed, The Holy Prophet(PBUH)  worked with his companions as a laborer. His companions requested again and again to stop but the Holy Prophet(PBUH) did not.

Similarly during the war of trenches He participated equally in the digging.

During the war of badr three persons had to share one camel. The Holy prophet also took turns to riding the camel and walking on foot. His companion requested that he ride alone but he refused.

LACK OF ARROGANCE :The Ruler of the Islamic empire shared the daily chores at home with his family. He never felt ashamed sitting and eating with slaves.

Once He came out of the house and every one stood up in respect. He discouraged this act.

Qais bin Saad narrated the story of a place called Haira to the Holy Prophet. When the ruler used to come, people prostrated in front of him. Qais said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is more entitled for this act. The Holy Prophet (PBUH)  flatly refused.

MODESTY:- In Arabia modesty was a rare commodity. Bathing without clothes on the street was quite common. Infidels used to go for prayer to the Holy Kabba  naked. The Holy Prophet never followed their tradition.

MERCY FOR THE ENEMIES:- The Quresh people promised a hundred camels for anyone who murdered the Holy Prophet(PBUH). They laid siege to his house. The Holy Prophet had no option but to leave Mekka and go to Medina. The same enemies who were his blood thirty foes came in front of him  when he took over Mekka at Fateh Mekka. But he pardoned all his enemies.

Sarqa Bin Jashem planned to kill the Holy Prophet and take the head money of hundred camels. He chased the Holy prophet on a horse. When he come near the Holy Prophet(PBUH) the front legs of his horse got stuck in the sand up to its chest. He said sorry to the Holy Prophet(PBUH).The horse come to its feet.He again attacked the Holy Prophet and again the horse got stuck. This happened three times, till he finally gave up his effort to kill the Holy Prophet(PBUH).

Umar Bin Wahab was an infidil. Safwan bin Omaya sent him to Medina to murder the Holy Prophet(PBUH) for big amount of money.Umar Bin Wahab came to Medina but was caught and brought to the Holy Prophet. Umer bin Khatab wanted to behead him right away. The Holy Prophet pardoned him. He was so impressed he immediately enbraced Islam.

One the Holy Prophet was coming back from a war. They camped on the way. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) tried to take some rest under a tree. An infidel sneaked near him and bared his sword  and screamed 'now who is going to save you from my sword O Muhammad (PBUH)'. The Holy prophet awakened by the cry calmly replied 'my Allah'. The man got scared by these words and dropped his sword. The Holy Prophet picked up the sword but pardoned the man and even stopped his companions from attacking him.

A woman from Khyber poisoned the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and his companions. Since The Holy Prophet(PBUH) was  a Prophet the poison did not kill Him.He  did not punish the woman. When one of the companions died due to the poisoning the Holy Prophet imposed the punishment for murder.

Quresh imprisoned the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and his family in the Shaib Abi Talib.They imposed sanction on the family for 3 years.No one was allowed to do business transactions including selling of food grains. Then what happened that there was a severe famine in Mekka, so the shameless chief come over and asked the Holy prophet to pray to his Allah to remove the curse. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) right away prayed to Allah for relief. Soon the famine was over.

The people of Taif were a very hard nut to crack. The Holy prophet  went there for inviting the people to the right path. The people of Taif threw stones at the Holy prophet(PBUH).  and He started bleeding from head to toe. The angel of the mountains came to Him and asked 'ALLAH has ordered me that, if you say I can crush them under a mountain'. The Holy prophet said 'no! may be someone among  them may accept the invitation of Islam'.

Abdullah bin Obi was a hypocrite He was always involved in intrigues against the Holy prophet and the Muslims in Medina.He used to communicate secretly with the infidels at Mekka. In the Ehud  war when he saw the Muslim are losing he parted ways with them with his companions. He was one of the persons who wrongly blamed the prophet's (PBUP) wife for indecent behavior. But when he died Umer reminded the Holy prophet of his mischiefs. The Holy Prophet smiled and said 'forget it Umer' .Then He offered his funeral prayer


LOVE FOR CHILDREN:- He loved his grand son Hassan and Hussain very much.

One of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) companion was a young child when the Holy Prophet(PBUH) came to Medina. He narrates that he used to sneak into the date farms and throw stones at the trees and gather the dates. One of farm owner got hold of him and took him to the Holy prophet(PBUH)for punishment. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) asked 'why do you throw stones at the date palms.'Just to eat dates'I said. 'Dont throw stones just pick up the fallen dates,' He said and patted me on the head smiling.

Holy Prophet(PBUH) returned all young children who eagerly waited to go to war with Holy Prophet for martyrdom.

In one attack He came to know that kids from the enemy side were killed. He became very sad. The people tried to console him by saying they were children of the enemy,' The Holy Prophet(PBUH) said 'Never ever kill the children, never ever kill the children, every child is born with a gentle nature'.

When the Holy prophet migrated to Medina the reception girls were standing on a hill and singing "the moon has risen from the hill top---------" The Holy Prophet(PBUH) loved children. He stopped and asked "O little girls do you love me? they replied in the affimative 'I love you too'He said.

TREATMENT OF SLAVES:- The Holy Prophet used to say the slaves are your brothers, feed them what you eat and clothe them with what you wear.

The slaves the Holy Prophet received in war as booty were released. But they refused to go away. Zaid bin Harisa was His slaves.He was released but he refused to go with his father.

Once he told his companions 'do not call them slaves, call them my son my daughter'.

Abu Masood Ansari was beating his slave.'Allah has more control over you than you have over this slave,' some one said. When he turned back it was the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Abu Masood immediately released the slave.

A person asked the Holy Prophet how many times I should pardon the mistakes of my slave. The Holy Prophet remained quite. He asked again and again. The Holy Prophet replied  'You must pardon his mistakes seventy times every day'.

MERCY ON ANIMALS:- He restricted the use of ornamental heavy hangings around the neck of camels. He also banned the cutting away of raw meat from live animals. Cutting of tail was also stopped. There stead must not be left on them. Animal fight shows were stopped. Another game was tying the animal to a pole and then shooting arrows at it.The Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave instrutions against all these cruel practices.

One day the Holy Prophet and companions were on his way to another city. They stopped for rest. One of his companions picked out the eggs from a nest The restless bird was hovering around . The Holy Prophet told his companion to put back the eggs.

One day the Holy prophet passed by a camel who was very emaciated. Seeing the animal he commented 'why ar'nt you people afraid of Allah regarding these animals'.

Another camel came running to the Holy Prophet  when he went to the farm of his companions. The camel complained about its owner and the Holy prophet instructed his companion to be gentle on the animal.

KIND HEARTED:- One of Holy Prophet's companions narrated how he followed the old Arab tradition of burying the daughter's alive. The Holy prophet eyes became wet and dripping to the extent that his beard became wet.

PAYING VISIT TO PATIENTS:- He used to visit patients without discriminating between muslim and non muslims. A jew slave became very sick The Holy Prophet(PBUH) visited him.

A black sanitary worker in the Prophets Mosque died. His companions did not mention it to the Holy Prophet(PBUH). One day Holy Prophet(PBUH) inquired about him and was so up set why he was not told. He traced his grave and offered funeral prayer over the grave.


When the Holy Prophet was preparing for the conquest of Mekka, Hatib a companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) secretly wrote a letter to Quresh and gave it to a women who was leaving for Mekka. The Holy Prophet came to know about it. Ali and Zabair were sent to stop the women and they found the letter. Such spies should be beheaded demanded, the companions but the Holy Prophet did not punish them.

Hamza the real uncle of the Holy prophet (PBUH) was matyred by Vehshi. Hinda the wife of Abu Sufyan cut open hamza's chest and took out his organs in hatred. Vehshi and hinda were pardoned by the Holy Prophet(PBUH).

Abu Sufyan was responsible for all the attacks on Medina.When Holy Prophet (PBUH) took over Mekka without spilling a single drop of blood. Abu Sufyan was arrested and brought to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) .He was pardoned and every one who entered the chief Abu sufyan's house was pardoned.

DEALING WITH WITH JEWS AND CHRISTIANS:- Social contacts, eating, drinking and even marriage is allowed.

A group of christian priests came from Najran. The Holy Prophet  was the host himself. They were lodged in the Prophet's Mosque. They were allowed to pray in the Prophets Mosque according to their own way of praying.

Son of a Jew was very sick. The Holy Prophet (PBUP) went to his house to inquire about his health.The son was so impressed he embrace Islam.

Once a jew and a muslim argued over  an issue. The jew said Holy Moses was superior to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) The Muslim arqued that Holy Prophet (PBUH) was superior to Holy Moses. The muslim stapped the jew.The jew brought the muslim to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for settlement. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was angry with the muslim for being aggressive.

SENSE OF HUMOUR:- An old lady came to the Holy prophet (PBUH) and requested , 'please pray for me , that I should go to heaven'. 'No, old lady you cannot go to heaven' said Holy Prophet(PBUH).. She started weeping. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) smiled and said ,'you will be made young, and then sent to heavens'.

A person came to the Holy Prophet and requested for an animal to ride. 'I will give you a camel's baby' said the Holy Prophet. He was surprised 'what will I do with a camel's baby? The Holy Prophet (PBUH) smiled,' every camel is after all the baby of a camel'.























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